Terms of Service

Developers may change the terms of use as needed; however, these changes will be regularly published on the website and will be effective from the same date. Every natural and legal person who makes use of and accesses the website and Discord bot services is deemed to have accepted any changes made in the terms of use in advance. The developers reserve the right to change the information, forms and content on this website and Discord bots at any time.
Disclaimer: The information contained in the Discord bots listed here and published pursuant to this agreement should not be construed as investment advice or investment incentives, or as any trading order, buy or sell request regarding financial instruments; The developers make no warranties or representations, express or partial, as to the completeness, accuracy, or fitness for a particular purpose of the information contained in the Discord bots listed here and published pursuant to this agreement. The use of images and symbols is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell or hold a particular financial instrument; The use of brand logos does not necessarily imply a contractual relationship between us and the organizations that own the logos, or endorsement of such an entity by the developers, and vice versa. Market information is provided to you only as a service.
Reminding: The bots on this page are hobby projects, they are not affiliated with the team or officials of the cryptocurrency they represent. Reminding: Do not offer partnerships for your Discord servers, all bots listed on this page are public, you can use them as you wish and you can also advertise them wherever you want as a token of gratitude if you want, but this does not mean that we are partnered with you. This is a hobby project.
These terms of service and all terms expressly set forth herein apply to your access to and use of all Discord bot services listed on this website and linked to this agreement.
Terms of Service Definitions:
Developer/Developers: The developers and owners of this website, the Discord bots listed here and affiliated with this agreement. We: Developer/Developers. Website: It is this website that can be accessed online, where various services and content are offered within the framework determined by the developers. Discord bots: Discord bots listed on this website and affiliated with this agreement. User: It is the person who visits this website and Discord bots with or without service. Information: Any content provided through this website, the Discord bots listed here, and the Discord bots affiliated with this agreement.
1. User represent and warrant that you have full authority and authority to conclude this agreement and that you will not violate any other agreement to which you are a party in doing so. 2. We may, at our sole discretion and without liability to you, change or terminate any part of our Services, temporarily or permanently, at any time, with or without notice. 3. The developers do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and adequacy of the information provided and are not responsible in any way or for any reason for any errors or omissions in this information. Therefore, it is recommended that users confirm the accuracy of the information before acting on the information/opinion and content they obtain. Users are entirely responsible for the commercial and other decisions they make based on this information, and the developers cannot be held responsible for any lack of information, outdated or incorrect information. 4. The developers are not responsible for any loss that may occur during use, including direct or indirect damages, losses and expenses caused by these bots.
*Donations made to the developer originating from this project are for the purpose of supporting the developer, the donator cannot claim any rights or privileges due to his donation. Donating is entirely at the discretion of the person.
Although the names and logos of the Discord bots belong to the cryptocurrency and/or blockchain network they represent, they have been used without any profit motive, assuming that these names and logos are publicly owned. If you want a content that you hold the copyright of (name, logo, etc.) to be removed from use and/or the Discord bot it is connected to, please contact us. ![mail](mail.jpg)